6 Tips on How to Decorate after the Holidays

I recently put away all of my holiday decor and asked on my Instagram account @curlsandcashmere if you would like to see how I restyled after the holidays? The answer was astoundingly YES, so here we are! I am sharing my tips on how to decorate after the holidays and after all of the Christmas decor goes back into the attic. Once I put everything away, I felt like my house was so bare and empty. I am sure everyone can relate! But, with it being the fresh start to a new year, I always crave simple touches and clean spaces after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. And of course, a clean home after the last of the glitter is swept up. Here are 6 easy tips on how to decorate after the holidays…how to decorate after the holidayshow to decorate after the holidays

  1. Bring out the white dishes and white decor…I know everyone doesn’t have open shelving in their kitchens, but do you have a space in your dining area or kitchen where you display anything? This is the perfect chance to clear all of the red and green holiday decor and knick knacks out and put some simple white dishes in their place. We have had the white Pottery Barn dishes  (similar linked) since we first got married and still use them today. I brought out several pieces that were in my cabinets and took everything else off of the shelves in my kitchen, except for a few white marble cake stands. I love the freshness of all white against my white subway tile, but could have totally done the same look in my grey built-ins in my dining area and would have loved that as well! Maybe next time, I will do that. Something about white screams clean and fresh to me. I also added several white touches to our living area decor as well like the white vase, white decorative bowl fillers, and white decorative box below.how to decorate after the holidayshow to decorate after the holidayshow to decorate after the holidays
  2. Add a little bit of greenery…A little goes a long way after all of the holiday greenery goes away. I felt the all white dishes needed a little bit of life or freshness, so I found a eucalyptus wreath in the above kitchen images I loved at Target one day when I was browsing. I used a command hook to hang it on my backsplash and have never had a problem. I will say I don’t cook on the back 3 burners of my stove, but if you do, it could be a potential fire hazard, so please be cautious.  I also added a small succulent to my countertop for another small pop of green. I also did the same in my living area and added a few small succulents to my console table in a white vase. I also added a hint of green on my living room mantle. You could easily do this with some silver dollar eucalyptus stems that are all the rage right now, real or faux.how to decorate after the holidayshow to decorate after the holidays
  3. Keep out the cozy throws for now…I opted to keep out my super cozy faux-fur throw and other blankets to keep it warm and inviting considering it is still winter for several more weeks here. I rearrange my pillows quite often and decided on putting some white/light neutral styles on our 2 sofas and living room chair for now to keep with the white fresh look I am currently craving. I like to hang throws over a seagrass basket or two as well to add some texture and warmth.how to decorate after the holidayshow to decorate after the holidays
  4. Keep the mantle simple..After all of the holiday mantle decor went down, I was left with a clean slate on our cast stone mantel/fireplace area. I chose to keep it (you guessed it) simple! I love decorating with old books, so I brought out a few neutral colored books and left out my gilded antlers for now draped with the rosary type beads that I love so much! They add a great shape and texture to any vignette. I would highly recommend getting some beads for your home for year round use. I added a small marble candle holder and a simple picture frame and that’s it.how to decorate after the holidays
  5. Add a few stylish coffee table pieces..I love this oversized seagrass tray (this one is really cute) we have sitting on our ottoman (similar grey ottoman linked). It’s a great spot to set coffee in the morning and also add a bit of decor to break up all of the grey fabric. I have a few coffee table books I added and another simple picture frame along with a low sitting square vase of white roses. And my fave candle. The roses are a nod to Valentines day in a few weeks, but aren’t overbearing since they are white. White hydrangeas are another fave flower I use to keep it fresh and but still feel warm after the holidays.how to decorate after the holidays
  6. Keep your countertops uncluttered…It felt so refreshing to box up all of the holiday decor that was covering my kitchen countertops and box it all up. And then I cleaned them so well with this stone countertop cleaner…my hubbie came home with this recently and the scent is heavenly! Definitely a new fave in our home. I set out a simple bowl of lemons and limes on one side of my sink in this pretty brass bowl. (not pictured) On the other is a small piece of art. I left my island totally bare and I have to admit, I am kind of loving it. It feels so much bigger and clean with no decor on my island, even if it’s just for a few weeks. Homebuilding tip: One of my fave things we did when we built our home, is make our pantry large enough for countertops and small appliances like our microwave, toaster, coffee maker and more. It allows me to keep the main kitchen countertops clutter free and pretty if you will, while the pantry is full of food and other kitchen necessities. If I was doing it again, I may have made it larger with more space as I love to hide so much in there!

I hope you take these simple tips on how to decorate after the holidays and incorporate them into your own home. For me, after the holidays are over, it is all about starting the year with a clean, fresh slate in both my life and my home. I hope you agree too! In case you missed it, I just shared some Simple Organization Ideas for the Home to help you start your New Year off on the right foot. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Be sure and keep in touch with me by following along on my Instagram @curlsandcashmere, Pinterest @curlscashmere or Facebook.

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