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how to decorate your christmas treehow to decorate your christmas treehow to decorate your christmas treehow to decorate your christmas treehow to decorate your christmas tree

Hi ladies! I wanted to share my top tips that I have learned over the years on how to decorate your Christmas tree (you can see last year’s tree here). It is simple, but these tips will help you decorate like a pro year after year. While decorating my home and tree, I wore my Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ High-Rise Slim jeans. The denim is super stretchy, but they keep their shape all day, which is essential during the craziness of the holidays. I also have partnered with them to help host an amazing giveaway opportunity from the little elves at Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™. I hand-picked the seasonal items for the giveaway to help one lucky reader bring a little holiday cheer into their own home this season (look for that info at the end of the post). Now let’s get to decorating….

  1. Always fluff the tree (assuming it is artificial). I know this part is horrible and scratches up your hands, but it is crucial to a nice, full looking tree. You don’t want too many large holes in the tree, so start fluffing. Consider if some of the tree is against a wall or if the entire tree will be visible.
  2. I am assuming the tree is pre-lit. It makes lighting and decorating the tree so much easier, especially if you like large trees like I do. Sometimes, I have had to add new lights when a branch of pre-lit lights have went out. I know (pre-lit trees are not perfect)… just arrange them and plug them in to make sure they look somewhat even. Now your lights are on and your tree is fluffed!
  3. Everyone has a certain way they go about this, but hear me out. Think of the tree as three-dimensional. You don’t want all of the ornaments on the outside of the tree. You want them placed inside the branches as well as outside so it’s more 3-d. I personally have large, oversized balls that I start placing first. They go inside the tree to help fill large holes. Then I use smaller balls and fill the rest of the large holes. Wait on your nice ornaments.
  4. Next I use greenery stems, picks and sprays. I have a 10ft tree currently, so I would say I have 5-8 or so various types of stems (on my current tree think lots of white, metallic and gold stems) that add a lot of character and depth to your tree. I have 6-8 stems per type of stem, so 40ish in all covering the tree.  Place them in the tree in empty spots and randomly around, from top to bottom. These white pinecone picks are really pretty in person. That really takes the tree up a notch and makes it look like a designer tree. Tip: I have a traditional green tree…I love the flocked look, so last year I cut apart flocked garlands and used them as stems to add the look of more flocked branches to my tree. Totally worked and looked great!
  5. Now use your ribbon. There are several ways to do this…you can drape it vertically from the top in sections, you can wrap the tree 360 degrees or you can use just various sizes of cut ribbon and weave them where you see fit. I personally like all 3 ways…lately I have been wrapping my tree 360 degrees. I used ribbon and this fun scripted paperlast year wrapped around my tree…it was such a cute, festive touch.
  6. Now get your nice ornaments out. I recommend having some oversized, large ornaments if you have a taller tree like mine. Smaller ornaments get lost easily on a big tree and you need some stand out ornaments that will make a statement. I say 6-8 ornaments per style…maybe 5 styles. So again, 6-8 of each of the 5 styles. You want the tree to look and feel cohesive, that is why I am suggesting you get a grouping of the same statement ornaments and greenery stems so it isn’t just a random mess of stuff. I used these star ornaments last year in gold and white and love how they make a statement.
  7. Start placing the ornaments. See why I like to wait for the nice ornaments? Because once you place the stems, ribbon and inexpensive balls, a lot of space is taken up and those statements ornaments would have been covered up. You want them to stand out and shine! I am loving these starburst ornaments. My tree this year is covered withthese gorgeous ornaments. Don’t place the same ornaments too close together, try to space them out and don’t forget the top of the tree.
  8. Now for a huge tip I learned years ago from one of my oldest friends…use lots of nice tall stems and floral wire and create a tree topper from that. I love a big grouping of stems to give you some height wired to the top of your tree. Leave them wired on and store them still on the top section of your tree. It is genius and a tip I use year after year! I place my top section of the tree in a plastic tub with the topper still wired on so I don’t have to worry about redoing it the following year. Now, some of you may want to redo it, but I like to keep it the same for a bit.
  9. Add a tree skirt to complete the look. You want to cover up the unattractive stand. There are so many gorgeous tree skirts out there or try the latest trend, which is a tree collar like this one. This is definitely something I will be trying next year.
  10. Lastly, if you are really motivated, you can always hand wrap various giftboxes and use them as gorgeous gift decor for under the tree. I always try to choose a nice wrapping paper that matches my tree and decor.


how to decorate your christmas treehow to decorate your christmas treehow to decorate your christmas treehow to decorate your christmas tree

While I styled my home for Christmas, I wore my High-Rise Slim jeans. The black color is so slimming and can be styled with several festive holiday looks like the chunky hunter green sweater I wore with my uber-chic leopard heels. I also love dressing them up by pairing with a red pearl bell sleeved sweater and black pearl boots. With these black jeans, the styling possibilities are endless! Sold at Walmart and, the price of the Signature denim is affordable, so you will have plenty of funds left over for all the holiday decorating and gift giving your heart desires!

You don’t want to miss the Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ Win Her Wishlist Giveaway running Dec. 11th through Dec. 15th. Like I mentioned above, I hand-picked the cutest items for one lucky reader (see the giveaway items in image above). From a luxurious faux fur throw, the Joy pillow I am holding above, and more on-trend seasonal decor items, it’s an amazing giveaway! Just go to the Signature Jeans Instagram page to enter. Thank you so much for reading and I hope my tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree help you come decorating time. Happy Holidays!

Thank you to Signature Jeans for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own, as always. All Photography taken by Chelsi Dennis Photography.

holiday gift ideas for the home under $60Hello! Today I am sharing with you holiday gift ideas for the home….all $60 or less! I love to get home decor items for Christmas so I went through and chose some ideas I would love to have waiting for me under the tree this holiday season.

  1.  Condiment Bowls & Serving Board: You know I am a sucker for wood serving boards and anything brass. This cute serving piece fits the bill perfectly. I would display this in my kitchen on my open shelving or leave out on my countertop as decor. And of course, use it for entertaining and parties. I think any woman in your life would appreciate this as well as any hostess gifts you might need to bring. Why not have your serving pieces reflect who you are…chic and wonderful?!
  2. Holiday Fragrance Diffuser: You know what’s better than Christmas…your home smelling like Christmas! I think diffusers are such a cute way to get a nice scent in your home. I especially like them right now with small children and a crazy kitten so I don’t have to worry about any flames. This is a great idea for someone you may not know very well, but want to make a good impression.
  3. Faux Fur Ombre Throw – Mocha: If you get anything from this list, let it be this. I personally have this exact throw in my living room and I get so many compliments and questions about it. It’s the perfect color and looks very luxurious. It has been on sale a lot the past few weeks, so it’s a great time to buy. Your grandmother, mother, sister..any lady would feel like a queen cozied up with this throw.
  4. Metal Sputnik: I have several of these displayed in my home. Stack it on top of decor books and use it as holiday decor too (that’s what I do). It also looks great on your coffee table styled with some books, a diffuser or candle, and some fresh flowers all sitting on a tray.
  5. Brushed Accent Pillow with Pompoms: I love anything with pompoms! This cozy pillow comes in a few really nice colors and they are still neutral, so they can fit in with anyone’s decor. The pillows are so cute and cozy, I would love to have several of these in my living area or my bedroom.
  6. Ceramic Bake Dish-Rae Dunn: I have yet to get any Rae Dunn items, and I think this is the perfect starter piece. I love white dishes so this would fit in nicely with what I already have. Any lady would love to do a little baking with this cute dish.
  7. Crystal Box: How pretty is this little box? I love the grey crystals with brass details on the top. I would love to put this anywhere in my table, nightstand, entry way table, you name it. It looks so much more pricey than $39 to me.
  8. Watercolor Jar Candle: These candles are a cult favorite. And for good reason, they smell amazing and look so elegant too. I love the watercolor effects on this jar (also has a few other colors if you aren’t a pink fan).
  9. Leopard Ceramic Dish: I have wanted this cute dish forever. I love to place my rings or keys in little catch-all trays like this. For your daughter or bff, this is a great gift idea. They will love the leopard pattern and the brass details.
  10. Raw Edge Marble Cheese Board:  I love cheese boards and always want them to look nicely done. I love the raw edge on these boards and the various shapes. So many women checked these out during my Christmas home tour post. My mom will always get me something like this for the holidays that I can have and use forever…and it’s always so fun to get them out during the year.

I hope these affordable holiday gift ideas for the home were helpful to you. Please reach out with questions..that is what I am here for. In case you missed any of my most recent posts, I listed them below…

Christmas Home Tour 2017

Black Friday Sales

Top 5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

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christmas home tour 2017HI everyone! Welcome to my Christmas Home tour 2017. My name is Ashley and I live in Oklahoma City if this is your first time visiting my blog. If you are coming from Carissa’s tour (CCandMikeCreative), welcome! She is a fellow Oklahoman and I LOVE her and her style. She is so talented, as are all of the ladies that are included in this tour. You can find me on Instagram @curlsandcashmere where I post daily.

Let’s begin the Christmas tour at my front porch/entryway…My sweet hubbie hung the garlands for me (with the help of me and a friend) and Adorn Planters created the holiday arrangements in my black pots. I absolutely love them! The ornaments in the pots match some of the ornaments in the garland, so it just looks so nicely done. I really want to keep this up all year long! I placed my trio of bronze lanterns on my front porch…I decorate with them year round. This year I have candles in them with an array of shatterproof ornaments.

Shop the Look-Front Porch

For my Christmas Home tour, I kept things pretty neutral, which is similar to what I did last year (check out 2016 tour if you would like). I tend to love a white, bright aesthetic, so I like to keep my holiday decor in the same realm, with a few pops of red sprinkled throughout, even though our 3 children would love for the house to be decked out with Santa’s, candy canes and more! They do have fun trees in each of their rooms and a playroom tree as home tour 2017

If you walked into my entryway, you can see I added just a few holiday touches. I hung a flocked wreath from my brass starburst mirror and added some amaryllis bundles to my mercury glass vase. I stacked some more style books and played a brass reindeer on top. I left my cute blue and white jar for a touch of blue (my favorite color). Not pictured is a woven basket with holiday pillows and a birch faux tree like this in the corner of my entry.

Shop the Look-Entryway

christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017

Now we’ll walk into the living area. I kept my 10 foot artificial tree in my living room this year, but added lots of new gorgeous white, metallic and glass ornaments from Kat & Annie. I also added in some new sprays throughout the tree, which really add to the tree decor. I also did a new ribbon around the tree from Target. I like ribbon on the tree and every year I do something different with it. Sometimes it’s wrapped 360 degrees, sometimes its tucked in various places, and this year I wrapped it at an angle. It is a thinner ribbon than I have ever done, but I like it because it allows the ornaments to shine and not be hidden. Last year, I used this Merry Christmas paper wrapped around my tree, and it was so cute. I like to add some wrapped gifts around my tree with some holiday pillows. I kept the tree topper the same and have used it for a few years now. Why change it if you still  love it?

Shop the Look-Christmas Tree

Over by my fireplace I added new garlands to my mantle. I kept my mantle fairly simple with just the cream monogrammed stockings and the natural looking garlands resting on top. I added 2 trees for a bit of sparkle and my fave brass lantern to the hearth. I filled it with golden pinecones this year. I wanted to add in more eucalyptus sprays like these to the garlands, but never got the chance. There is always next year I guess!christmas home tour 2017On my coffee table tray,  I added adorable cream trees along with a mercury glass lantern filled with natural greenery. I love these cream rosary beads and keep them out all year. They are weaved throughout my gilded antlers. On the gallery wall, I hung a simple wreath. I added some cute pre-lit trees similar to these on the sofa table and some sparkling reindeer. For a bit more glam, I placed one of these type of starburst ornaments on my table with some stacked decorating books. I really want these ornaments all over my tree next year!

christmas home tour 2017

On my sofas and chair,  I mixed in some of my current custom pillows with holiday pillows. It’s always fun to add a little sparkle during Christmas time, so I have a variety of cream, gold and silver beaded/sequin pillows that I use every year and just move them around the house! I always have to have this cozy faux fur throw out as well once winter rolls around. It adds such a nice texture.

christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017Over on the banquette in my living area, I added more holiday glam pillows with 2 simple wreaths and some silver antlers. I like decorating with antlers because you can have them out all fall and winter. I have a cute 3ft. flocked tree next to the bench from Homegoods.

Shop the Look–Living Area 

If you turn around in our living room, we have a large glass slider that leads to our outdoor living area. I have an outdoor console table with a large Ballard Designs mirror hung. I walk by this table everyday and decided to add some simple holiday decor to the table. I love the new gilded branch garlands I picked up and weaved one through with some other natural looking elements like pinecones, boxwood stems, and more.

christmas home tour 2017

Now onto my favorite room in the house, the kitchen and dining area! I placed a variety of decorative trees on my island.I also wrapped wire lights through the trees. I hung a wreath with a command hook above my stove. I added some simple decor to my open shelving. Over by the sink, I have a pop of red with some floral stems in a vase.

christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017

Ashley’s Outfit: Black & White Gingham top//High-Waisted Jeans//Similar Pearl booties//Lipsense All-Day Lipcolor

 Shop the Look-Kitchen 

christmas home tour 2017christmas home tour 2017

Last stop on my Christmas home our 2017 is our dining area. We did a large nook in our kitchen for our dining table. It is technically our formal dining area. On my tablscape this year, I simply placed decorative garland on the table and added in mercury glass candle holders of various shapes and sizes. I placed a sliver reindeer and 2 metallic trees in the mix, and I was done. I also hung a wreath from our bank of windows overlooking the backyard. (not pictured).

Shop the Look–Dining Area 

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas Home tour 2017! I put my heart and soul (and tons of hardwork) into getting my home holiday ready and I hope that comes across the screen. Next up on the holiday tour is Erica Cook of MOTH Design.  I have admired her work for quite awhile, so I cannot wait to see what her holiday tour will bring.

For a complete list of ladies…see below. I would highly recommend getting a fresh cup of coffee and continuing on for some major talent and inspiration.

Erica Cook of Moth Design

Ashley of Modern Glam Home

Alicia Wood of the Lush List

Summer Adams Design

Doreen Corrigan

Carissa Miller of CC & Mike

And myself, Ashley of Curls and Cashmere

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and please reach out with any questions anytime!

Affiliate links used in this post. All photography done by Chelsi Dennis Photography.

BLACK FRIDAY SALESHi everyone! So I am running on lots of coffee and little sleep, but I have scoured the internet to bring you the best Black Friday sales so you can spend more time shopping and less time searching. I want to be your holiday shopping resource this season, so please be sure to follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already, as I will be posting in my stories often to bring you real time sale updates as often as I can. You can also check out my new Holiday Gift Ideas page and Black Friday Sales page as well. Now Let’s get started and happy shopping…

I have chosen my top picks from my favorite many cute options for yourself or to give as gifts. So many of the items I want for myself too if I don’t already have them. Check it all out below…




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HORCHOW HOME // Black Friday Sale! Save up to 40% off select items + enjoy free shipping on orders $50+ with code HOLIDAY @HorchowHome

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T3 MICRO // Black Friday starts early! Enjoy 25% off luxe hair tools


Come check out my Lipsense VIP group on Facebook, because I will be having a major sale on Lipsense! If you haven’t tried this amazing all day lip color, now is the perfect time to try it! It’s a great gift idea as well!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving!


top 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havestop 5 fall fashion must-havesHi everyone! Now that fall is quickly approaching (I cannot believe it), I am here today to share with you my top 5 fall fashion must-haves with Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ Vintage Trend Collection . These 5 fall trends can be styled so many different ways and are all so versatile, making them the perfect addition to your wardrobe this fall and winter. Let’s take a look…

  1.  Signature Pencil Skirt: This Signature Jean skirt is a fall fashion must-have for sure. And the price can fit into everyone’s budget. This is not usually a price point I shop at, and I have to admit, I have been blown away by the quality and fit of their pieces. The feel of the denim is super stretchy, so the skirt is very comfortable and easy to wear all day long. You can see I styled it 2 different ways for this post and could have easily kept going because it is such a versatile piece. Size reference: This skirt does run a little big. Size down.
  2. Oversized Cardigan: I love these for fall in every color!  Add a cardigan to any plain blouse and jeans or a jean skirt (like I did) and you instantly have a more put together look without much effort. You can see I paired it with the Signature Pencil skirt and could wear this outfit to work, to a fall get-together or even to church. Cardigans are great this time of year when the weather is warmer during the day and then you can easily add a cardigan at night to your same look.
  3. Over the Knee Boots: I am SO in love with this fall trend. I was always afraid my legs were too short or I couldn’t pull off over the knee boots being a mom, but I am SO glad I tried them again. I love the boots I am wearing because they are flat, so I can wear them every day around town with my kids and not just for special occasions. Again, this is a staple item that can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going. I plan on wearing these boots on repeat this fall and winter.
  4. Signature Trucker Jacket: I am so impressed with this cute Signature jean jacket. A jean jacket is a must in my closet..I especially love them paired with dresses or skirts in the fall. This jacket is so comfortable and will be on constant rotation for fall. I paired with a pretty fall floral babydoll dress (sorry my dress is older and not available anymore) and  also wore the jacket with a more causal look with distressed jeans and this classic black and white striped tee. I personally like mixing denim colors when wearing a jean jacket on top…think black, plum, or white denim jeans for fall with thisjean jacket. Size reference: Runs small..size up. I am wearing a medium.
  5. Bell Sleeves/Pleated Sleeves: I am not sure I will ever tire of this trend. The bell sleeve elevates any top and makes it more stylish and interesting. But for fall, we are seeing  more of a pleated or fluted bell sleeve, which is just so pretty on anyone. I paired my plum top (sorry, sold out) with the Signature Pencil skirt…perfect for a night out with the girls or date night. You know I wear jeans most of the time, so I wear my bell sleeve tops with jeans, booties or boots for fall with a great bag and you are ready to go. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, so go ahead and embrace it if you haven’t already, you will be glad you did.



I hope you have gained some major inspiration from my post today and my top 5 fall fashion must-haves. And make sure to check out what else Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™  has to offer at Wal-Mart and for very affordable prices. Please reach out to me as always with any questions or comments. Thank you! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my latest blog posts here.


Thank you to Levi's for sponsoring this post. As always, opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post.