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I get a lot of questions about my hair everyday on Instagram and so I thought I would share my must have hair tools I am using currently. I have very naturally curly hair, but after getting this smoothing treatment, my hair is so much easier to manage. It has definitely made a difference in frizz, texture and dry time…coupled with the following must have hair tools, I’m very pleased with my current hair situation.

  1.  T3 SinglePass Luxe Straightening and Styling Iron: I had never used T3 products before but was dying to try them because of all of the awesome reviews. I was using a nice Chi flat-iron and thought surely they will be pretty similar. I was wrong! I have some really stubborn cowlicks that never want to go straight and smooth, but with one pass with the T3, they were gone. The Chi can’t really even touch them. I was definitely impressed. It has 5 different heat settings also, so you can adjust it for your needs. The color is great too!
  2. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer: This is another item I was somewhat skeptical of because I had a pricey Chi hair dryer that was doing just fine..or so I thought. The Featherweight Luxe 2i is powered by T3 Tourmaline® SoftAire® technology and enhanced with an iron generator for fast, beautiful results. It usually takes me forever to dry my hair, but this was way faster (like 20-30 minutes faster) and it was more smooth for sure, without a doubt. Major win in my book. My babysitter used this on Hayden’s hair (who has curlier hair than me) and couldn’t belive how smooth it got her hair in such a short amount of time. Also comes in the fab white and rose gold and it even has a great round brush included.
  3. Living Proof Dry Volume Blast: This volume blast is a spray that creates volume and texture that’s almost as light as air and gives big, lasting results on dry hair. I have posted before and after pics after using this product on my IG Story and the results are impressive. You have to shake the can before each spray, or it won’t work. I spray it on my roots and ends and then tousle. Love this stuff!
  4. Brazilian Blow Out Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque: I use these always when washing my hair. I normally only wash my hair a few times per week. Even if I work out, I will spray some of this dry shampoo on and go. But, when doing the dreaded task of washing and drying my hair, I use the shampoo and conditioner every time. They really help with frizz and smoothness for my hair texture and its safe for my color treated hair. My fave part is using the hair masque. It is so rich and moisturizing, it makes your hair feel like butter. If time permits, my hair stylist recommends sleeping in the masque once a week and rinsing with water the next morning and style as usual.
  5. NuMe 1″ Curling Wand: This is what I use to get my loose waves. I would love to do it with the T3 straightener, but I haven’t practiced enough yet. I section my hair and curl small sections, doing one side of my head at a time. I leave my hair on the wand for maybe 6-7 seconds. Then I pull down on the curl so it loosens up a tad. I also curl some away from my face and some towards my face so the curl isn’t too uniform. Then I tousle them after all of my hair is curled. I spray some more volume spray and gently tease my crown. Finally, I spray a little bit of hairspray to help hold the curl.

I hope you find this helpful in creating your own arsenal of must have hair tools. Please reach out if you have any questions for me. And please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog site so you can see the newest posts first. Thank you and have a great week!

Thank you to T3 for their mentioned products. All opinions are my own, as always.



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