How to Decorate a Console Table

how to decorate console tabledecorating console table

how to decorate an entryway table

how to decorate console table

how to decorate console table

how to decorate console tableHappy Monday! I hope you enjoyed my post from last week with my first born, Hayden. So we celebrated Valentine’s this weekend and went to one of our fave date night spots..Paseo Grill. It has a cool vibe and atmosphere for all of the local readers.  Now that Valentine’s Day is over and I’ve put my decor away (or most of it;), I wanted to offer some tips on how to decorate a console table. I always get an itch when seasons are changing or holidays are over, to restyle parts of my home or all of it really (it’s a problem I have). My entry console is our newest furniture purchase and I am in looove. Thanks to Laura Pankonien for sourcing it for us. It is sold out, but I have some amazing options linked below if you are in the market.  Today, I have shared some ideas and inspiration so that you can know how to decorate a console table in your own home…

  1. First, you need a great pair of lamps. You can for sure get by with one lamp, but I like the symmetry of two.  If you do only one lamp, be sure you add some height to the opposite end of your table with decor or an orchid so it seems balanced. I tend to choose neutral lamps so that if I change colors or art, my lamps don’t have to be replaced or moved somewhere else. Not that I don’t love a beautifully colored statement lamp, because I do for sure. But I tend to buy decor that will go with most everything in my home, unless I see something at Target or Homegoods that I absolutely love and won’t care about donating when I tire of it. I have mercury glass lamps in my entry right now, but they could go anywhere in my home and still look great.  Just something to think about if your husband is anything like mine.
  2. A mirror  (mine is linked) is a must have for above an entry way table in my opinion and its very grounding if that makes sense. I always appreciate that when I visit someone else’s home so I can check to see if my hair is crazy or my kids put something on me like a sticker, or worse sometimes! Since I usually choose neutral lamps, I like to go for a statement with the mirror. There are so many gorgeous choices out there with different finishes and shapes. A great mirror hung in between 2 stylish lamps makes my OCD heart very happy.  I am loving the simple brass round mirrors that are all the rage right now too. A great piece of art is of course a beautiful option, but in my entryway I prefer the light and reflection a mirror brings.
  3.  Some kind of floral or botanical. It offers a nice texture and a pop of color if you choose a bold color or at least some greenery if you choose a white or neutral colored stem. Right now I have a large spike (similar linked here) in my vase and I am loving the feel of it. I am loving the large palm leaves and succulent trend, so that is where I lean these days. Also love eucalyptus in a vase, fresh or faux. I like to use a nicer quality faux flower or stem so it doesn’t scream fake. If I have fresh flowers in the house, then I will arrange them quickly in a vase, but most of the time I don’t have fresh flowers so I use faux.
  4. I am obsessed with decorative trays. I have them all over the house and like to style them with stacked books, some kind of greenery, picture frames, etc. They just add a little bit of elegance to your decor and make it seem like you know what you are doing! I have all shapes and sizes. I don’t have any acrylic trays yet, so that will be my next tray purchase because I think they are do fun and modern a bit.
  5. A nice vase or candleholder. I know this tip seems simple, but they can really make a statement if you choose the right one. I have an ombre ceramic vase on my console currently (purchased locally from Muse) and I love that it’s somewhat edgy while still being neutral. And its another piece that I can move around my home and it will go well with any of my decor. I love all of the colored statement vases linked below and can only imagine how gorgeous those would look with some contrasting pink florals in them. Large lantern type candle holders like this one I have are a great option to offer some varying heights to your table.
  6. Picture frames and small decorative objects. They are simple but a necessity to pull the look together and make it look complete. I have a small silver frame on my console and a brass leaf like this one. Sometimes guests will place their keys here as well. These type of items are what can be taken up a notch when placed on a pretty tray too. This is also a good opportunity to offer a contrasting shape like something round, or etc. that gives your table some nice diversity.

I have tons of options and ideas linked below for you if you get the urge to begin decorating your console table or really any table in your home!  Please feel free to send me a pic of your table if you have a question or need advice. You can always follow me on Pinterest or Instagram to get more inspiration. Have a great week and I hope you gained some helpful insight on how to decorate a console table!

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  1. Kylie Hagemann
    February 20, 2017 / 8:02 am

    Great tips! I love that console table 🙌🏻

  2. February 20, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    Great tips Ashley! Now I want to restyle my entryway table. 🌷🌷🌷

  3. March 12, 2017 / 2:13 pm

    I didn’t want to comment until my console table was totally restyled with your tips in mind!
    Had the lamps, had the mirror, of course I had the books but now I have added, thanks to your tips, the greenery and the tray. The funny thing is that I had a fabulous vintage acrylic tray but just couldn’t find the right place for it. Thanks so much for this piece!!

  4. Sandra A Mendoza
    September 21, 2017 / 2:44 pm

    Do you mind sharing your wall color? I love your home!! Beautiful!

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