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Hello all! Have you settled back into your routine after the holidays wrapped up and the kids are back in school? I have been in a good groove now for a few weeks and am really working hard to stick with my New Year goals. Some of the items from my recent post have been helping me stick with it too. My main, personal goals for myself were waking before my kids each morning and getting back into a more consistent workout routine. Some of you know I used to workout everyday when I was younger and was a personal trainer in college. Those days are long gone, once I started my career (I worked in a corporate marketing position for 6 years after college) and then had children, it is so easy to get out of the habit. And honestly, even harder once I started this blog. So, I decided the only way to do it all is to wake up earlier and get more hours out of my day. We do have a home gym that makes it easy. But, I really don’t use a lot of the equipment in it and prefer to do more simple exercises. *I want to stress that you should consult a doctor and make sure this routine is right for you.  I wanted to share with you today my workout routine and top 5 workout tips in hopes that it will inspire you to get back being active too…

  1. I lay my workout clothes out the night before. That way I don’t have to think about it and just put them on as soon as I wake up. Having cute workout clothes really motivates me too. Lululemon, Nike and Zella are my go-to brands. Old Navy is my cheaper go to brand. I am wearing Old Navy leggings and my fave Old Navy jacket in these images. My Nike tennis shoes are black and go with everything.
  2. I always have a light snack before I work out if its first thing in the morning. Coffee and banana are perfect for me. I will also drink some hot water and lemon and let that set for a bit. If I don’t have time and need to get it started, I will drink the water and lemon after my workout. I take my favorite swell bottle into the gym with me for during the workout.
  3. I warm up with 20 minutes of cardio. In my home gym, we have a treadmill and elliptical trainer. So, I usually alternate between those and do about 20 minutes. I will start on the treadmill at about 3.5mph and 3.5% incline, and do that for about 5 minutes until I feel nice and warm. Then I’ll adjust the speed to 4mph and the incline to 4%. I also keep 5lb arm weights handy and will do a set of 12 shoulder presses or just hold them to up the burn every few minutes. One thing I like to do to also up the intensity is alternate between running at 5mph for 1 minute, then go back down to a brisk 4mph walk. Those quick intervals really up the calorie burn and your metabolism.
  4. After I have finished up with my cardio, I turn on the Tone It Up Girls on Youtube. We have a TV in the gym where I can easily access Youtube, but if my kids are watching it while I am in there, then I just pull up their app on my phone. If you haven’t heard of these girls, you need to check them out. They have so many free videos to choose from and I love their attitudes and style. I have been on the HIIT kick lately (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training), and so I choose one of those form their HIIT section…(Hitty Bitty Bikini is my fave). HIIT workouts basically alternate between a toning move and burst of cardio with little to no rest for about 20 minutes. This ups your metabolism for the rest of the day and they kick my butt!
  5. I finish with some light stretching and deep breathing. I usually just wear my workout clothes for the rest of the day, unless I have a meeting or appointment. That is why I like having cute workout wear so I can wear it the rest of the day and still feel put together. I put some of my dry shampoo into my hair and wash my face and get ready for the day with some light makeup or no makeup at all!

I hope you enjoyed my workout tips and use them to motivate yourself to get fit or stay fit in 2017. We have a beach vacation coming up and that really helps me as well. Knowing I will be in my swimsuit in just a few short months is motivation for me!  I would love to know what helps you stay active and fit. Please comment below and let me know! Who knows…you could motivate and inspire someone with your comment! I’ve linked several adorable workout pieces that I either have or are on my wish list below. Have a great week!

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  1. Jill McDannis
    January 23, 2017 / 8:44 am

    Great tips! Thanks… need all the help I can get!

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